- Single pluggable DVB tuner (S/S2, C or T)
- 300 MHz MIPS processor
- 64 MB Flash memory
- 256 MB RAM
- Internal SATA 2.5 in disk
- DVI to HDMi Cable
- Two USB 2.0, one eSATA and one
- 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
- OLED display


Xbox Classic, as a comparison:
Operating system: Custom, based on Windows NT architecture and Windows XP (through Xbox LIVE)
CPU: Custom 733 MHz Intel Pentium III "Coppermine-based" processor
Disk: 8 GB internal Hard Drive,8 MB memory card
RAM: 64 MB of DDR SDRAM @ 200 MHz
Graphics: 233 MHz nVidia NV2A

Software layers

  1. Second stage - BIOS? Or already a Linux Kernel?
  2. Image - such as Newnigma2 (=Linux)
  3. EMUs - plugins offering all kinds of features

Installation Checklist

  1. Install image - such as Newnigma2
  2. Configure the image with wizard
  3. Scan for TV channels
  4. Set up your own favourites
  5. Install SAMBA Server (with IPKG via webadmin). The package also shows up as "CIFS"
  6. Install Sambaconfigeditor
  7. reboot
  8. add picons (cosmetics)

Hot News June 2012

There is indeed a modern SW Build available.

Screenshot Open PLI


Device & Versions
Devicename: 	dm800
Enigma Version: 	2012-03-27-3.2
Image Version: 	Newnigma2 v3.3.2 2012-03-28
Frontprozessor Version: 	VNone
Webinterface Version: 	1.7.1
Tuner A: 	Philips CU1216Mk3 (DVB-C)
Harddisk (ATA-SAMSUNG HM500JI)
Capacity: 	500.107 GB
Free: 	35.144 GB
Network Interface (eth0)
Mac Address: 	00:09:34:xx:xx:xx
DHCP enabled: 	True

GGA Maur + Conax

Parameter (Installation ohne Set-Top-Box der GGA Maur)
Frequenz 362000
Symbolrate 6900
Modulation Const. 64-QAM
Umkehr Auto
Network ID / Netzwerk Nr. 515
LCN on

Various images to try out

Gemini - Steht für inovative Dreambox Erweiterungen als Komplettpaket - erreichbar über die Blaue Taste der Fernbedienung.
Enigma2 .
OoZooN .
Merlin .
Minicat ?? .

How to install a new Image

username: root
password: None by default, sometimes "dreambox" is expected
Ich bin heute mal sehr faul und verweise auf die sehr gut bebilderte Anleitung von Dream Multimedia:

Trotzdem in Kurzform:

(1.) Drücke die Taste an der Frontblende und halte diese gedrückt.
(2.) Stecke den Netzstecker ein
(3.) Die Dreambox erhält nun die nächst freie DHCP IP Adresse von deinem Router.
(4.) Öffne einen Browser auf Ihrem PC.
(5.) Gib die IP-Adresse in das Adressfeld des Browsers "http://192.168.x.x" ein.
(6.) Drücke auf die Auswahl "firmware upgrade" der angezeigten Seite im Browser. Bitte achten Sie auf die Dateiendung nfi, dass überspielen anderer Images ist nicht möglich (KEINE img)!
(7.) Reboote deine Box und mache die Grundeinstellungen

In English:

Why not XBMC on the dreambox?

Because of the weak hardware?

Conax, a worldwide leader in secure and innovative encryption solutions, has been commissioned by the Digital Cable Group (DCG) to deploy the Conax CAS7 encryption system in DCG’s networks. DCG is the second largest cable network in Switzerland. With the help of Conax, DCG is protecting its digital programming content using “simulcryption”, applying two encryption systems simultaneously.

Feb 14, 2007

Conax will provide system integration and first-level support in Switzerland in cooperation with its partner company Adrenio. Some 350,000 households connected to the DCG cable networks in central and western Switzerland, the Zurich area, and northern Switzerland will now be able to receive digital cable television using a common-interface receiver and a Conax CI module, or with a Conax-embedded receiver.

opkg instead of old ipkg
"The development for this project has discontinued. Many projects which formerly used ipkg have adopted the ipkg fork opkg for a replacement."

Remote control codes

* Sony 1535 1681 1040 0041 0066 0132 0067 0586 0187

Null Modem

speed 115200

Hyperterminal on Windows7:
Enigma1 was the first operating system for the dreambox, it is coming
to the end of its lifetime and although bug fixes are being done, not
much new development is taking place. It's been in use for over 6 years.
Enigma2 was introduced with the Dreambox 7025. It is the new operating system, used on the following boxtypes:
Dreambox 7025(+),800 und 8000


N => Nagra
B => Betacrypt
I => Irdeto
V => Viaccess
S => Seca/Mediaguard
CO => Conax
CW => Cryptoworks

grau = nicht verwendet
gelb = wird verwendet, aber derzeit nicht zur Entschlüsselung genutzt
grün = wird verwendet, Entschlüsselung erfolgt über dieses System

Key Store


Media playback
So this plays natively on your dm800

Mpeg 1 + 2
vob (dvd's)
Mp4 (mpeg4, AVC standard, also ISO standard but resolution sucks)
MKV (HD, h264) "This really rocks"
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